About Us

We are a passionate and motivated team of like minded individuals with a DREAM.

Our dream is to hand create, opulent and beautfiul long lasting roses for you to enjoy time after time, as gifts for any occassion or as a statement piece in any home, office or location.

We have a LOVE for ROSES, we adore real roses but are disheartened as they only last on average around 7 days - so our goal was to create a rose that maintained its beauty, form and splender at peak growth - so they can be adored for up to FOUR years.

Adore Luxe Fleurs are sourced from Rose Farms, hand picked at the peak time.

The opulent Luxe oils we have patented took several years of intense research and development using German Technology, paired with the exquisite Parisian raw materials.

Our roses last longer than one year, and more than most because we want to offer you something special and unique.

Adore Luxe Fleurs is a passion for adoring luxury flowers, in an array of gorgeous colours.

The luxe hand made Rose Bears are a thoughtful gift or centre piece in any location, our elegant luxurious rose boxes are carefully put together with extra care, love and attention.

We wish you joy, love and happiness - please adore your purchase again and again and bask in the glow that a loved one receiving this gift will cherish it.