How Long do Adore Luxe Fleurs Last?

With proper care and handling as per our CARE GUIDE our roses can last up to 4 years. Longer than a year because we wanted you or your loved one to enjoy and ADORE the roses for a greater amount of time we felt a year is too short.

Are they Real?

YES, they are all real, they have been hand grown, cultivated and hand picked at the optimum time. They are applied with our patented Luxe Parisian Oils to extend the life span of the rose at its peak stage.

The boxes, domes, and crysal Luxe creations are all hand made.

Our products aim to share love, thought, emotion and create a long lasting impression on any location, room or recipient.

Do you only sell Red Roses?

We offer a very WIDE ARRAY of striking colours, the catalog drop down clearly lists these for you.

What size and colour boxes do you offer?

Our catolog lists the offerings, in most cases, there is a small, medium and large. The boxes come in white and black, that are Paris Paper, in some cases we have limited edition black velvet. Our luxe crystal collection are made from high quality acrylic.

Do you customise?

This is a great question. At the moment we offer as per our catalog however please do feel free to email our team on contact@adoreluxefleurs.com if you would like to put forward a request, bulk order or to discuss any order.

How many roses are there in an arragement and what are the rose head/bud sizes?

Our catalog descriptions contain both the size of the box, dome, gift box as well as the rose head/bud size as an approximate.

As all our products are hand made - colours, sizes can vary.

We ensure there are no large gaps in the arrangement and fill the box elegantly.

Why is the price point set to the listed level?

In summary we are probably the best priced luxury preserved roses company in the world. You will see if you compare prices, ours are most competitive but our quality is actually market leading.

The majority of our activity is by hand, hand made, hand designed - the time, love and care that is poured into our products reflects the price level. We are competitive in the market and we offer designs, a feel, longevity that others are not able too. Our designs are elegant and our materials are luxurious.

We have invested a great deal in the technology behind the Oils used, techniques and procedures to grow the roses and the materials used to house them.

Is it fine to remove the roses out of the boxes?

We strongly do not advise doing so. It is highly recommended that the roses are not removed. They are designed to be in the box, dome, for the entire life span of their beautiful display.

The product is hand made to order and we have specifically placed each and every rose to contribute to its overal beauty and splender.

How do I care for them?

Please avoid placing the arrangements in sunlight as the colour will diminish. Moisture will harm the flowers, please do not water them. Humidity will also impact them. 

The only maintenance we suggest is light dusting once in a while.

You can ADORE them any time.

How do I add a message to accompany the order?

We are currently working on this service at the moment please email at contact@adoreluxefleurs.com to confirm before placing the order if this is a requirement.

How can I place an order?

1. Upon referencing our catalog please choose your desired box size, colour, style.
2. Add the product(s) to your shopping cart.
3. If you do not wish to add any further arrangements to your shopping cart, go to the checkout section and follow the given instructions.
4. If there is a requirement for a message to be attached to the order please email us else please continue with check out.
5. Choose your payment method.
6. Lastly please confirm your purchase and it will immediately come to us for processing. All orders are hand made especially for you.

    What happens after I have confirmed my purchase?

    A confirmation will be sent to your registered email address, please do check junk/spam in case it has hit there.

    Once the product(s) has been hand made and dispatched, you will recieve a delivery confirmation number for tracking purposes. We use a premium delivery service that delivers next day.

    Can I cancel or change my order which cofirmed?

    Sadly, you can not change your order once it has been made. Because they are processed immediately and all orders are hand made.

    How do I know where my order is?

    Once your order is hand made and complete you will receive a delivery reference for tracking purposes.

    What shall I do if I am not happy with my order once it arrives?

    In the very unfortunate and unlikely cases where the products are not up to expectation please do email our friendly team at: contact@adoreluxefleurs.com, we will do our best to remediate the situation. We cannot guarantee a refund, exchange or compesation but we will endeavour to assist.

    Please be careful before making an order, you can email the team at any time before confirming an order.

      Are you on social media?

      Yes we are on instagram, facebook and our presence on other platforms are up coming.

      Feel free to tag us to be featured on our page!

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